IRCam640 – Infrared Thermal Camera


IRCam640 EMC shielded IR thermo camera
  • For surveillance of thermal critical areas
  • Wide temperature range (-20 °C to 900 °C @ ± 2 °C)
  • Wide area (19 * 12 m²)
  • Fail safe contacts

The IRC640 is designed to observe the temperature of areas and devices in harsh electromagnetic environments (e.g. HVDC converter halls) or where low emission is required (e.g. EMC test facilities). The camera is covering an area of up to 19*12m² at a distance 9.5 m. It is specially suited to survey temperature critical rooms and devices, where overheating can lead to severe damage.

There are digital outputs available with “fail safe” operation, which are set at overheating or when the camera fails to operate.

The controller offers an Ethernet port by which the camera can be controlled.
A comfortable PC software allows to set the parameters like region of interest and temperature thresholds.


  • RF-Immunity 200 V/m up to 18 GHz
  • Ethernet interface
  • Comfortable PC software
  • Fail safe contacts


  • Temperature surveillance of absorbers in high field strength testing
  • Survey device under test



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