Pontis EMC Products - A brand of Audivo

Audivo GmbH

The roots of PONTIS EMC go back to 1989, when Erich Böhm developed the first controller for antenna masts and turntables for HD (Heinrich Deisel) GmbH.

In 1994 the PONTIS Messtechnik was founded and soon after that the first shielded cameras were developed.

Since then more than 2,300 cameras, 500 audio units and 1,100 controllers have been delivered to EMC testing facilities all over the world.

In 2006 the businesses of Pontis Media and PONTIS-Messtechnik were merged in a new company AUDIVO GmbH. The well established brand name PONTIS-EMC has been kept.

Disclaimer: The acronym “EMC” in the sign “PONTIS EMC” is an abbreviation for the term “electromagnetic compatibility“.