All EMI Test Equipment Products

All EMI Test Equipment Products:

Equip your EMC testing lab with the industry-leading solutions from Pontis EMC. Browse our extensive range of shielded cameras, converters, audio systems, and other specialized equipment to optimize your testing processes.

EMC testing chamber with Pontis EMC Products

Shielded surveillance systems for EMC test facilities

Monitor showing the PECOS control software for EMC testing

PECOS, the universal video software for EMC

EMI test equipment - Shielded cameras

A range of cameras for various applications with high field strength and low emission

EMC shieIded IR thermo camera

EMC shielded IR thermo cameras

Nuclear electromagnetic pulse camera protected against class E1 & E2 pulse

Extreme environmental conditions and electromagnetic fields networked cameras

Shielded audio intercom unit for EMI testing

Audio communication for EMC test facilities

Fibre Optic Converters - EMI Converters

A variety of interfaces are supported from Analogue to USB

EMC test equipment accessories like pan/tilt unit or LED lamp

The things that make the system complete