IR Thermo Cameras


Ensure Smooth Operation and Prevent Equipment Failure: IR Thermo Cameras for EMC Test Facilities

Maintain optimal performance and identify potential issues in your EMC test facilities with Pontis EMC’s IR Thermo Cameras. Our selection includes IRCam640 and IRThermo6, designed to withstand harsh electromagnetic environments.

Why Choose IR Thermo Cameras for EMC Testing?

  • Identify Hotspots: Quickly visualize temperature distribution across devices under test (DUTs) to detect potential overheating before it leads to equipment failure.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Regular thermal inspections can help identify failing components and schedule maintenance proactively, minimizing downtime and ensuring test chamber integrity.
  • Remote Monitoring: Monitor temperature remotely from a safe distance, especially in high-power testing environments.
  • Data Logging & Analysis: Track temperature trends over time and analyze data to optimize test procedures and identify potential design flaws in DUTs.
IRThermo6 Shielded IR thermo

Shielded IR thermo camera for use in EMC critical areas