IPCam7-OD – EMC shielded HD IP colour outdoor camera
  • EMC shielded camera
  • Outdoor use (IP64 -20°C to +60°C)
  • E.g for border control
  • In the vicinity of radar or other antennas
  • HD / IP Cam with ONVIF

The IPCam7-OD is designed to work in areas with critical electromagnetic fields. EMC shielding and the use of fibre optic transmission guarantee low emission and high immunity. The very low emission makes it suitable to be used close to sensitive electronic equipment (e.g. antennas, receivers) without disturbing the signals.
It can also be used in areas with high electromagnetic fields e.g. close to radar antennas. It will work also in harsh environments due to the weatherproof housing.
For usage during the night, a special IR-Lamp mounted to the camera is available.
In most cases, these cameras need to be integrated with existing CCTV and surveillance systems. The camera offers an IP interface, that is compatible with many surveillance software applications (supporting also ONVIF).
The PONTIS CCTV system is composed of the actual camera inside a weatherproof housing and a separate shielded power supply. The data communication (Ethernet) is by fibre optics. All cables for the power supply need to be specially shielded.


  • EMC immunity up to 200 V/m
  • Optional remotely controlled Pan/Tilt
  • Data communication (Ethernet) via fibre optic cables
  • IP camera with ONVIF support
  • Weather protection IP64
  • Extended features: manual iris control, including wide dynamic range, Long exposure, image stabiliser
  • HD video
  • 24 / 7 operation



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