High Intensity Radiated Field Camera


HDCam7 - EMC camera for high demands in HD
  • HIRF: 1000 V/m pulse mode -18 GHz
  • Up to 3000 V/m (PM)
  • Full HD camera
  • For difficult light conditions
  • -20 dB

HDCam7HIRF has been designed to meet High-Intensity Radiated Field (HIRF) according to RTCA-DO-160, G and Q. This design now operates in field strengths of 1000 v/m (PM) up to 18 GHz and also 3000 v/m (PM) at some frequencies. Its compact size and excellent video performance make it the right choice for all applications, where a remotely controlled camera with good optical resolution and a wide zoom range is needed. Automatic focus and white balan- ce help to get a clear picture at any situation.

The camera can be operated by the PONTIS EMC controllers.


  • Full HD
  • RTCA-DO-160 G – with field strengths of up to 3000 v/m (PM)
  • RTCA-DO-160 Q – 1000 v/m to 18 GHz (PM)
  • EMC compliant to CISPR 25 Class 5, -20 dB
  • Automatic / manual focus
  • 40 times optical zoom
  • Compact housing (Ø 100 x 190 mm)
  • Iris control (manually, for different light conditions)
  • Image stabilizer / wide dynamic range / long time exposure



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