foCarCharger, an EMC shielded car charger
  • Test E-vehicles during the charging process
  • Data communication between EV and EVSE via fibre optic
  • Low emmission
  • Supports all major standards: CCS2, CHAdeMO, GB/T

The growing market of e-mobility demands certification of the cars and the corresponding charging stations. As the lines for power and data communication are combined in one cable, the cables needs to be split up. The cables are not supplied by Audivo. The lines then need to be connected to a terminal block inside the enclosure.

The fibre optic converters for the high frequency data lines are located in a special shielded box within the protect­ive enclosure.

The powerlines need to be fed via appropriate filters, whereas the data lines are converted to fibre optic signals.

As Powerline, Control Pilot signal (PWM) and CAN bus are available, the converter can be used for AC and DC charging.

The versatile concept of the PONTIS EMC converter may be used with most international standards.

Both sides (car and EVSE) are shielded and may be used inside the EMC chamber.

As some standards are still in draft status, the exact standard(s) required need(s) to be specified by customer.


  • Shielded transmission for car charging stations
  • Data and power are split up
  • Data transmission via fibre optics
  • For AC and DC charging
  • Most international standards supported
  • RF-immunity 200 V/m up to 18 GHz



    Fiber optic shielded converters for EMC test equipment

    A variety of interfaces are supported from Analogue to USB