Control Software Event Detection


PECOS Event Detection for automated detection of failures during immunity testing
  • Automated detection of failures during immunity testing
  • Recording is started when a fault occurs
  • Interface to EMC test software
  • Several detectors for each camera
  • Easy and flexible definition of detection
  • Store settings and recordings in a project database

For immunity testing it can be very helpful to automatically detect changes in a certain area of the picture (Region Of Interest – ROI) to detect malfunction of the device under test.

PECOS offers a plug-in with which you can define several areas and the thresholds for the level of the change. In the event of a change above the threshold an alert is created. This alert is also sent out via TCP/IP and a recording is started. It is often very helpful to see what happened before the failure.

Therefore PECOS constantly buffers a certain time. When an alert occurs there is already video stored some time before the event. Thus it is possible to see what happened shortly before the event.

Besides the PTZ commands (pan/tilt, zoom/focus) you can also control the iris and other functions.
The settings and recordings can be stored in the project database for later recall.

The following events can be configured and generate an alert when detected:

– Temperature
If an IR Thermo camera is connected to the controller, the thermo image is shown. For certain regions the minimum and maximum temperatures can be defined and an alert is generated.
Also when the connection to the camera is lost (Failsafe).

– Freeze
If there are no changes during a certain period, an alert will be generated.
This is helpful to detect if a video is frozen because of problem with the camera.

– Compare
The current video is compared with picture that has been recorded and significant change are detected.

– Motion
When the picture changes to a certain, definable extend an alert is generated. Similar to usual surveillance cameras.

– Audio
A frequency range can be defined. If the sound level within that range exceeds a certain level of falls below a certain level it is registered.
Thus a malfunction (above level) or failure (below level, e.g. when a motor stops) can be detected.

– Colour
If one colour of a list of defined (recorded) colours (10) is detected or vanishes.

– Blinking
If a defined colour in an ROI is going on and off, the time in between is registered and alert is generated.

– Character recognition (OCR)
A set of characters (ASCII) can be defined and will be recognized.

– Numeric Values
Numeric values in an ROI can be recognized. If the value is above the defined maximum or below the minimum an alert is generated.

– 7 Segment
Reads the character of a 7 segment display.