HDCam6ECP - Good Quality EMC shielded camera
  • For regular demands in HD
  • 1080p from sensor to display
  • Economic HD solution

The HDCam6ECP camera is shielded up to 200 V/m at a resolution of 2 Megapixel. It offers the best resolution available and is especially suited where the HD resolution (1080p) is needed (e.g. for monitoring HD displays) or an extreme Zoom is needed (30 times optical zoom).

The camera includes wide dynamic range (WDR) and digital noise reduction (DNR), that eliminates noise and thus is generating a distinct and clear image. The video signal is transferred uncompressed in HD-SDI (HD-CCTV) format to the controller. Thus it is ideal for optical post processing e.g for automatic change or error detection during immunity testing. PONTIS offers a special software for automated surveillance.

The camera can be operated remotely by the PONTIS EMC HD camera controllers.


  • RF-immunity 200 V/m up to 18 GHz
  • EMC compliant to CISPR 25 Class 5
  • Automatic / manual focus
  • Iris control (manually, for difficult light conditions)
  • 30 times optical zoom
  • Compact housing (80 x 80 x 120 mm)
  • Full HD: 1080 p from sensor to display



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