PECOS (Pontis EMC control software)
for camera controllers with LAN interface

PONTIS EMC camera controllers offer a LAN interface to access the cameras from remote PCs. For that purpose the HD-Controllers have an industrial grade PC integrated. This PC is running on Linux. The PECOS software is automatically started after boot up.
PECOS offers a web service for controlling all functions of the cameras and also use the ConLAN as a storage for recoded videos and snap shots.

Easy set up
PECOS can be accessed through any PC on the network via web browser. There is no need to install a special SW on the PC. If you enter the IP-address of the ConLAN into the browser window you will be automatically directed to the start screen of PECOS.
The PONTIS Con Tool supplied with the controllers facilitates the discovery and set-up of the controllers.

Local and remote usage
If a keyboard and monitor are connected to the integrated PC, you can access the PECOS via the internal PC.
You can view one or multiple cameras. If only one camera is shown, there is the possibility to also control zoom, focus and P/T of the camera (control screen).
The local user interface is identical with the browser interface on a remote PC.
All functions of the cameras including extended features like iris control can be accessed via PECOS.

Integrated DVR
At any any time the video can be recorded by pressing “record button”. A special feature (buffering) allows that the recording already starts some time before you press the record button.
The video is stored on the hard disk inside the ConLAN, but can be viewed on every PC in the network (network share). For documentation or other purposes snapshots can be taken. The snap shots are stored locally on the PC.

Interface to EMC test software
PECOS offers an interface to EMC test software (e.g. R+S). The EMC SW can send messages via TCP/IP which will initiate action by PECOS, e.g. snapshot with text, recording etc.

PECOS can updated via a USB stick.

All functions and settings of PECOS can be managed by connecting a keyboard and monitor to the Con. If you want to access PECOS from a PC in the network, the Con Tool facilitates the usage of PECOS. It discovers the Con in the network and it starts a portable Chrome browser preconfigured for PECOS.

As in a LAN the IP-address is the main means to access a network device, but is always obvious to the user, the discovery option of the ConLAN tool searches for ConLANs in the network.

Live View
Starts a portable version of the Chrome browser and views the picture of the ConLAN selected.

Can be started and videos stored on the Con can be viewed.

Change the general settings of the ConLAN, e.g. name, DHCP mode, duration of pre-recording etc.

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