Fibre Optic Converters

In complex testing environments it is often needed that electrical signals have to be transmitted into the chamber or out of the chamber to the test equipment.
For that purpose we offer a variety of different interfaces that convert electrical signals into optical signals and back. Such the signal can be transported via fibre optics and is immune against electrical fields.
A sophisticated shielding and filtering concept ensures that the interfaces are highly immune against radiation and do not deliver out any significant emission.
One set of converters contains 2 units. Where required a typical set has one unit shielded and one unit in a standard housing.

Common Features:
– RF-Immunity 200V/m up to 18GHz (shielded unit)
– EMC compliant to CISPR 25 Class B
– Battery (approx. 8 hours operation) or mains powered
– Compact metal housing
– No galvanic connection between test equipment and measurement instruments

All interfaces are shipped with the appropriate power supply or battery and charger.
– Fibre optic cables: 5 m lengths
– ST/FSMA-connector
– ST/ST-connector

PONTIS EMC is a brand of